National Oral Health Week celebrated in Taiwan

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Dental experts across Taiwan have joined forces to promote good oral health as part of National Oral Health Week.

The campaign was launched to try and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to care for their teeth and gums and raise awareness of the possible dangers associated with poor oral health. Dentists were eager to point out that oral health is an indicator of general health and poor oral health can contribute to serious health problems, including an increased risk of diabetes, strokes and heart disease.

Dentists were particularly keen to promote good oral health amongst children and young people, as oral hygiene habits during childhood can have a huge impact on oral health in the future. According to Chiu Yao-Chang, bad dental habits during childhood will have long-lasting effects on oral health, so it important to try and teach children about oral hygiene and healthy eating and instil good habits when they are young.

In 2004, the Bureau of Health Promotion found that 70 percent of pre-school children in Taiwan suffered from decay, with most children having at least 5 decayed teeth by the age of 5.

National Oral Health Week has been introduced to combat the widespread lack of understanding of the importance of oral health and change the way people view oral health; the vast majority of people do not realise the impact poor oral health can have on their overall health and consequently neglect oral hygiene.

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