Narooma Rescue Dog Gets Braces

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A local dog from Narooma, Australia, has a new grin after Narooma Vet Hospital veterinarian Chris Spurgeon created a pair of braces for him to move an incorrectly positioned tooth.

Animal Welfare League supporters Brigitte and Gabe Eichler rescued Toby, but discovered he had a lower fang tooth that was growing upwards into the roof of his mouth.

Chris said that without treatment, the tooth would have punctured through to Toby’s nose.

Having the tooth removed would have caused a lifetime of eating and dental problems, so the best option was to have it moved through methods similar to human orthodontics.

Chris used materials that had kindly been supplied by Narooma Dental Surgery to fix an orthodontic appliance to the roof of Toby’s mouth.

The tooth took four weeks to move into the correct position and the brace could be removed.

Orthodontics is rarely performed on canines in Australia and this is the first instance believed to have a successful outcome in the area.

Chris said it was great to be able to utilise his veterinary dental skills to save Toby from a lifetime of problems with his teeth.





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