Nails Shaped to Look Like Teeth Go Viral

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A beauty salon has gone viral with a dental inspired design. The unorthodox manicure has set social media ablaze.

The nails, made by Moscow based beauty salon Sunny Nails, were part of a series of elaborate and unique nail designs they unveiled this week. The salon’s Instagram account, with over 1.5 followers posted a step by step video of the nails being made.

The video went viral and social media lit up with discussions of the odd nails, much like a previous viral video the salon created in January of a twerking Kim Kardashian nail design.

However, the detailed and realistic nails, which were made with such details as dental cavities and fillings, have caused quite a lot of debate. When the video was added to Instagram with the comment “yay or nay”, whilst some praised the detail of the acrylic nails and construction or saw the funny side of the details added, others were less than won over.

Some asked what they were doing, others noted it was sometimes better to not follow the trend. One commenter went as far as to say the nails were “super weird” as well as “not pretty”.

The video showed the nail technician applying layers of acrylic around a cylinder placed over the fingertip, after which they shape the top of the nail to create dents and the shape of a tooth. One of the nails has black paint mixed in to look like a cavity before the teeth were buffed into shape and dried with a UV light. The teeth nails are then given some gloss and a white filling and the design is complete.

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