Mydentist increases dental charges to cover additional PPE costs

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One of the UK’s largest dental chains, mydentist, has increased fees to cover the additional cost of PPE (personal protective equipment).

Representatives from mydentist have written to patients, outlining changes in the pricing policy to legislate for rising PPE expenses. The cost of treatment will rise by £7 for patients undergoing standard treatments that do not require the use of high-speed drills or air scalers. For patients who need AGPs, aerosol-generating procedures, the cost will increase by £35. This is because these services produce droplets, and this means that staff require additional PPE.

The letter states that patients will be made aware of the PPE requirements for their appointment and they will also be reminded of any additional supplementary charges that have been introduced to cover PPE costs. The price of PPE has rocketed since January due to soaring global demand, with the BDA estimating that costs have increased by up to 6000% for dentists. 

Dental practices across England have been open for 2 weeks now, but most are treating patients with urgent problems first. Routine services at mydentist will be available in due course. In the letter sent out to patients, executives highlighted additional steps used to reduce the risk of infection, including deep cleaning, restricted patient numbers and social distancing.

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