Mouth Cancer Screening In Hampshire Throughout November

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A dental practice in West End, Hampshire is offering patients the opportunity to have a free mouth cancer screening test. Inspired Dentistry is running free screening sessions two days a week in November to raise awareness of oral cancer.

Screening tests will be available to patients and non-patients on Mondays and Thursdays throughout November as part of the practice’s efforts to support Mouth Cancer Action Month, an annual campaign run by the British Dental Health Foundation.

The campaign runs under the caption, ‘If in doubt, get checked out’ and is designed to make people aware of the risk factors and causes of oral cancer and the warning signs they should be looking out for. Early detection of symptoms, which include abnormal lumps and swelling in the mouth, red or white patches in the mouth and slow-healing mouth ulcers, improves the chances of survival by up to 90 per cent and dentists are eager for people to learn about mouth cancer so that as many cases as possible can be diagnosed at an early stage when the disease is more treatable.

Mouth cancer screening tests and painless and they only take a few minutes; during the session, the dentist will use an instrument to check for signs of changes in the oral tissue and look for any lumps or abnormal swelling. Dentists at the practice will also take time to talk to patients about the causes of oral cancer and answer any questions about the disease.

Any patients or non-patients who wish to find out more about the programme or make an appointment for a test are encouraged to contact the practice on 023 8032 8888.

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