Mother Receives Visit From Social Services After Son Misses Dental Appointment

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A mother of four from Millom has received a visit from social services after her nine year old son missed a dental appointment.

Janet Gardner was visited by social workers after her son Leon missed a dental appointment;Leon was due to attend a check-up at Horn Hill Dental Practice a few weeks ago, but his mother said that a family emergency took priority and she forgot about the appointment.

Ms Gardner, who has three other children, admitted that all of her children had treatment to remove teeth when they were younger and nine year Leon is awaiting an operation to have several teeth removed at Furness General Hospital.

Last week, Ms Gardner received a phone call informing her that social workers would be visiting her after her son missing his dental appointment. Gardner said that the experience was awful and she felt that the way she brought up her children was being brought into question and criticised. She said that she could not understand why social workers were visiting because her son had missed a dental appointment.

Ms Gardner said that the family had been involved with social services around 10 years ago, but there had been no issues since.

In response to Ms Gardner’s comments, a spokesman from Cumbria County Council said that social services had a ‘duty of care’ to protect children and investigate any potential problems that may be affecting children and families in the area.


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