Most Expensive Smile Is Made By Dubai Dentist

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A diamond encrusted gold denture, made in Dubai, is said to provide the world’s most expensive smile.

Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic’s director, Dr Majd Naji is the creator. He has said that some of the profits from its sale would provide money toward a children’s charity.

It has been valued at Dh562,000 or around £90,000 in sterling.

Dr Naji claimed the world’s most expensive smile was only fitting after the UAE claimed the title of world’s happiest people.

They are not designed to be worn when eating  so there is little chance of them being ruined.

He expects the Guinness book of world records will contact him with a certificate confirming the dentures to be the world’s most expensive smile. 160 diamonds were used (2.5 carat) along with ten grams of gold (24 carat).

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