More than 1,500 patients referred to urgent dental hubs in Cambridgeshire in April

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Figures suggest that over 1,500 people were referred to urgent dental hubs in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire in April. 

Statistics from NHS England revealed that 1,738 patients were advised to seek help from emergency dental centres in the region in June. This figure is more than double the number for March.

Urgent care centres have been set up across England to provide emergency assistance for dental patients while high street practices are closed. Most surgeries shut at the end of March to try and reduce the spread of Covid-19. While practices are closed, patients have been advised to content their regular dentist or to call NHS 111 to get an urgent appointment at a local hub. 

Across England, around 80,000 patients were advised to visit emergency dental care centres in April, with over 400 centres providing care. Patients who are being referred receive treatment from teams kitted out with full PPE in a safe and secure setting, with clinics exclusively available to those with an appointment. 

It is not yet known when high street practices will open again, but talks are ongoing about moving to the next stage of easing lockdown measures, and patients are advised to look out for updates. It is highly likely that it will take several months for going to the dentist as we know it to return, with additional infection control measures put in place to protect staff and patients and patient numbers likely to be restricted initially. 

Dentists are concerned about a reported increase in DIY dentistry and have advised anyone who does need help to contact their local dental practice or NHS 11 if they are not registered with a surgery.

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