More seek mints as cure for bad breath

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A new investigation suggests that more and more people in the UK are failing to address their issues of bad breath and are instead reaching for the nearest packet of mints. The report states that people in the UK are spending approximately 190 million pounds on mints each year in order to improve their oral health, rather than going for a regular check-up at the dentist. This rising trend has resulted in a large increase in the number of bad breath treatments at clinic, which could easily be avoided.

A dentist at a London clinic was quoted as saying that ‘…it’s a huge problem’ and that patients have even admitted to being isolated in the workplace due to their bad breath. However, the article highlights the growing issues facing UK patients when concerning dental check-ups, as around sixty percent do not go at all and only seventeen percent of people brush correctly. People are now turning to mints as a solution, but the report highlights the downfalls of this trend, with a dentist quoted as stating ‘…they don’t work, certainly not long-term.’

The article then continues to stress the downfalls of mints as a cure for bad breath, explaining that Fresh Breath Centres and private dental treatments to combat bad breath can cost over £800. So, the advice to avoid such costs? The obvious solution comes from British Deal Authority, urging patients to brush and floss regularly and avoid an excessively sugary diet.

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