Montreal Dental Students Help the Homeless

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Dental students in Montreal are helping to make a difference in the community by visiting homeless shelters and providing basic dental treatments and advice about taking care of the teeth and gums.

Rebecca Mossaad, a third year student at the University of Montreal, said that it was important to help people in need. Many of the homeless people she visits as part of her work with the group, Dentraide, do not know how to brush their teeth properly and are unaware of the link between eating sugary foods and decay.

Sam Gayed, another future dentist, said that many homeless people do not get the opportunity to have examinations and regular dental treatment and as a result of this they often suffer from poor oral health.

The Dentraide group visits homeless shelters across the city on a regular basis and the programme provides excellent training opportunities and experience for students, as well as access to dental care for homeless people.

Numerous studies have now linked poor oral health to an increased risk of serious medical conditions, including diabetes, heart attacks and strokes and it is therefore imperative that people are aware of the importance of good oral health, especially those who already have a high risk of becoming ill as a result of their living conditions, diet or lifestyle.


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