Mobile Dental Units to Tackle Waiting Lists in South Australia

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Mobile dental units will be brought in to tackle lengthy waiting lists in areas of South Australia.

The average waiting time for dental treatment in South Australia is estimated at 15 months, but in the Riverland and South East of the region, waiting times are over two years.

Martin Dooland, Dental Service executive director, said that there is money available to expand services thanks to government funding and plans are in place to improve access to dental services in underserved areas.

However, in the meantime, while plans are progressing, mobile dental units will serve the areas. One unit will operate in the Riverland and one will travel around Mount Gambier.

Mr Dooland confirmed that dentists had already been appointed to staff the dental vans and they will be in operation in the near future.

There are long-term plans currently underway to build new public dental clinics, but this could take a few years. The people of Mount Gambier and the Riverland need better dental services as soon as possible.

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