Mobile dental unit brings smiles to the homeless in Winchester

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A mobile dental unit provided by the charity, Dentaid, is helping to bring smiles to homeless people in Winchester. The mobile clinic has been visiting Trinity House, a drop-in centre in the town, to offer a range of basic services to people who would otherwise struggle to see a dentist.

Many of those who have benefited from the sessions haven’t been to a dentist for several years, and as a result, dental pain is very common. Many have extensive dental problems, but without a fixed address, it can be difficult to get dental treatment. The Dentaid mobile unit provides a solution for those who need help, including 38-year old Daniel, who spent eight months sleeping rough on the streets of Winchester before finding a bed in a hostel. Although Daniel now has a roof over his head, he isn’t registered with a dentist. Daniel has suffered with tooth pain for a long time, but recently, his discomfort intensified and the clinic came to his rescue. He knew that he would find it hard to see a dentist and when he heard about the unit visiting Trinity House, he jumped at the chance to seek help.

When he saw a dentist at the drop-in centre, Daniel was told he needed three teeth removing, and now he feels much more comfortable. He will need fillings over the course of the next few weeks, but the pain is already much more bearable.

Sue Mckenna, operation director at Trinity House, said that most people who use the drop-in centre don’t go to the dentist on a regular basis, and often, they reach a point where they can’t tolerate the pain any longer and end up in A&E departments. The mobile unit gives homeless people access to dental care and will hopefully help to prevent more people from developing complex dental issues in the future.

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