Mobile Dental Scheme to Launch in Northern Mallee Region

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Health officials have confirmed that a new mobile dental scheme will launch in the Northern region of Mallee, Western Victoria, Australia.

Dr Deborah Cole, from Dental Health Services Victoria, said that service, which will enable dentists to tour around communities in the region, will begin in the near future. Dentists will be offering free dental screening and preventative treatments by travelling around the area in a four-wheel drive twin-cab. The cab is equipped with portable dental equipment and a portable dental chair.

Dr Cole stated that the plan is to visit schools and community centres and help out at dental events in the area. The dentists involved within the scheme will be performing examinations and basic dental work for patients who would otherwise struggle to get to a dental clinic. However, those who require further work will be referred to a local clinic.

Dr Cole said that she is confident that dentists will support the scheme, which could see them travelling long distances and working for several hours at a time on a volunteer basis.

The dental vehicle will hit the roads of Mallee starting next month.

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