Mission of Mercy to hold free dental clinic in Iowa

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Iowa Mission of Mercy will host a free dental clinic for patients who cannot afford dental treatment this weekend.

The clinic will offer routine treatments, including fillings, extractions and cleaning treatments, to those who would otherwise go without dental care because they cannot afford it.

The clinic will run from 7am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday and appointments will be allocated on a first come, first served basis; there is no need for patients to register before the event.

Mission of Mercy has been working to provide dental treatment for people in need in Iowa over the course of the last two years and has helped hundreds of people across the state. The cost if dental care in a major concern for millions of Americans and studies and surveys show that an increasing number of people are struggling to afford dental treatment and are consequently cancelling or postponing appointments. The Mission of Mercy, which also works in other states across the USA, aims to help the needy and offer the treatment people need but cannot afford.

The clinic will be staffed by volunteer dentists and dental hygienists and assistants; the event is being supported by the Iowa Dental Association.

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