Mission Of Mercy Clinic In Iowa This Weekend

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Thousands of people seeking dental treatment are expected to descend on the Iowa State Fairgrounds this weekend, as the Mission of Mercy free clinic rolls into town.

The event will kick off at 6am on Friday morning and treatment will be available until 5pm on Friday and between 6am and 5pm again on Saturday. The Iowa State Fairgrounds are located in Des Moines.

Barb Holst has attended the Mission of Mercy clinic five times and is planning to arrive early for this year’s event; before going to the event the first time, she had not seen a dentist for around 25 years. This year, Barb will be volunteering, as well as joining the queue for treatment, to show her thanks for the amazing work done by the dentists, hygienists, nurses and organisers.

Barb said that her goal before every clinic is to look like other women her age and to be able to smile without feeling ashamed or embarrassed about her teeth.

Since the first clinic in 2008, the Iowa Mission of Mercy has donated more than $4 million worth of dental treatment and treated more than 7,000 patients.

Dr Zach Kouri, the chairperson of the event, said that the organisers are expecting around 1,700 people at this year’s clinic.

The clinic moves around to different locations in the state and previous events have been held in Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Newton, Waterloo and Davenport.

Patients are expected to start queuing for the clinic this afternoon; the demand for free dental treatment is increasing all the time and many people like to arrive well in advance of the opening time to avoid disappointment.

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