Mission Of Mercy Clinic Attracts Hundreds In Connecticut

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Hundreds of people waited in line overnight for the 6th annual Mission of Mercy clinic in Connecticut, which took place last weekend.

By Thursday afternoon, a crowd of 200 had gathered, braving the rain to make sure they received an appointment. By the time the doors opened early on Friday morning, the number had increased to 500. The clinic took place at the Webster Bank Arena and ran for a whole two days, on Friday and Saturday.

Beth Carter was one of many who arrived early to secure a spot at the clinic. She had not seen a dentist for eight years and was willing to stand out in the rain for hours to make sure that she received the treatment she needed. Beth said that she had been unable to afford to visit a dentist and did not have dental insurance to cover the cost of treatment. She said that she would have travelled any distance to get the help she needed and was very glad she made the journey from La Rochelle,New York.

Dan Tapper, publicist for the event, said that the turnout was lower than anticipated for the Friday, but this was probably due to the awful weather. Heavy rain hit on Thursday which may have hindered many, although there was a strong crowd gathered outside the arena by Thursday evening.

Inside the arena, a large team of dentists, nurses, hygienists and general volunteers worked tirelessly to see as many patients as possible, providing a range of services including tooth extraction, fillings and cleaning treatments.

Dentist Lauren Consonni, who volunteered for the fourth time, said that the Mission of Mercy clinics are a chance to give back and help people who are genuinely in need. She also said that although the days are long and involve early starts, they are great fun and a brilliant way to meet new people.



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