Milton Keynes Dentist Returns From Charity Mission In Morocco

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A dentist from Milton Keynes has touched down in English soil after carrying out charity work in Morocco; Dr Teresa Day recently returned from the remote Rif Mountains area in the east of Morocco.

Dr Day was part of a team of six UK dentists and a group of dental nurses, which visited people living in remote communities to provide much-needed basic dental care. The first destination on the trip was a school in a small fishing village; there were 650 children at the school and the dental team treated 185 of them. Unfortunately, access to dental care is poor and the children have a diet that is rich in sugar and therefore dental problems are commonplace.

The second stop was a rural village in the mountains. The team treated a further 260 children here, with many suffering from severe dental decay.

Dr Day, who is based at Appledore Dental Clinic, said that the experience was enlightening and alarming, as standards of oral health are very poor and dental education is almost non-existent. The equipment is also very basic and dentists had to rely on very basic, traditional methods, rather than the high-tech techniques they use back home.

Dr Day donated a painless injection wand while she was in Morocco in a bid to make injections more comfortable and less daunting for dental patients. She financed the trip herself, as well as covering the lost revenue from the practice while she was away. Despite the fact that the experience was difficult and involved very hard work and long hours, Dr Day said it was an amazing thing to do and she is very gland to have been part of the team.

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