Michigan college students avoiding the dentist

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College students in Michigan are avoiding going to the dentist because it costs too much, according to dentists in the area.

Many students don’t have dental insurance and they simply cannot afford to pay for dental treatment, in addition to college tuition fees and living costs. For those without insurance even a check-up and a cleaning treatment could cost in the region of $70 to $100 and a complex treatment could end up costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Students from the Saginaw Valley State University rarely visit the dentist, according to Saginaw dentist, Marie Yax. Ms Yax said that the only students who attended dental appointments were those that had cover as part of their parent’s insurance plans.

It is understandable that students would be reluctant to go to the dentist; for most people it’s not a pleasant experience and it could end up costing them a lot more than they can afford; however, dental experts have urged students to try and visit their dentist on a regular basis in order to try to prevent problems which would warrant costly treatments further down the line. By keeping an eye on existing conditions and allowing dentists to identify the early warning signs of dental health problems, students could end up saving a lot of money; costs of root canal treatment and crowns are considerably higher than a filling, which could be used to prevent further problems.

Students are encouraged to visit their dentist at least once a year and take time to ensure they brush, floss and rinse their teeth as part of their daily hygiene routine; students are prone to dental health problems because they often become run down and tired and they tend to eat and drink a lot of convenience foods and fizzy drinks.

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