Medical tourism a”credible option”

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Patients who seek dental care abroad are not just doing it "on a whim", according to

The firm, which provides information about healthcare in Poland, states that the media and the public often misunderstand the term ‘medical tourism’ to mean a form of leisure activity or holiday.

According to managing partner of the firm Lukasz Liese, referring to the activity as tourism only serves to "trivialise" the industry.

Travelling abroad for dental or other health treatments can be a very "credible" alternative to the NHS or as a means of saving money, claims the company, explaining that treatment can cost up to 70 per cent less in Poland.

Alison Hope, manager of the firm’s UK operations said: "Patients who consider treatment overseas spend a lot of time researching their options and are much more likely to scrutinise the experience and qualifications of a surgeon."

However, reports of overseas dental treatments varyand patients considering the option are urged to consider their decision carefully. The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists warned that medical tourism can often pose "grave risks".ADNFCR-1374-ID-18382490-ADNFCR

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