Manchester dental lab owner shares tips to help patients cope during the coronavirus crisis

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A Manchester dental laboratory owner has shared tips and advice to help patients cope during the coronavirus crisis.

Chris Humphreys, owner of Manchester Dental Lab, has been answering questions in the local press to help dental patients get by at a time when practices have cancelled routine appointments. 

Since the Prime Minister locked the country down and encouraged people to leave their homes for essential work, shopping and daily exercise only, many patients have contacted their local dentist and dental organisations with queries about unfinished or postponed courses of treatment. At the moment, most practices are either closed or running an emergency service, with patients advised to wait for procedures such as fillings and routine check-ups. 

Mr Humphreys is keen to reassure patients affected by problems such as broken or damaged dentures that they won’t have to wait months for a solution. Many labs are staying open to provide urgent assistance for those affected by issues while practices are closed, and patients can also contact their dentist to seek advice. Laboratories like Manchester Dental Lab are also operating a 24-hour phone line. Some labs are also offering home deliveries to cater for patients who are self-isolating and the vulnerable.

Dentists are advising patients to take good care of their teeth and to seek advice or assistance only if they have an emergency. Many practices are offering online advice and video calls for problems such as toothache, and it is possible to prescribe medication online. Accident and Emergency departments and urgent dental centres should only be used by those require immediate attention.

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