Malvern Dental Trio Makes A Difference In Morocco

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A dental team downed their instruments and swapped Malvern for Morocco to help people in need; a dentist and two dental nurses from Beacon Dental Care spent nine days in the African country.

Dentist, David Watson and nurses, Claire Keilstra and Laura Sanderson, visited El Jebar as part of a trip organised by the charity, Dental Mavericks. During their stay in Morocco, the trio visited rural communities to provide much-needed dental care to hundreds of adults and children. They were part of a group of 12 volunteers.

Every year the charity organises a mission to the remote hillside villages of El Jebar to help hundreds of people in need. Villagers lack even the most basic dental care and many of them suffer from extensive decay and severe tooth pain.

For Mr Watson, this was his second trip, but he still found the experience very challenging; he said that the living conditions are shocking and people have a sugar-laden diet, which contributes to very poor standards of oral health.

Miss Keilstra described the experience as “amazing” and she said that it was rewarding and satisfying to be able to help people in such great need. She said that people were living in severe poverty, the children had dirty clothes and no shoes and the overall standard of oral health was “appalling.”

Miss Sanderson echoed the sentiments of her colleagues and said that the children were a joy to work with, even though many of them were in pain.

The dental nurses have already signed up for a triathlon next year to raise money for Dental Mavericks.

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