Malvern Dental Practice To Expand Despite Anger From Local Residents

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Planning officers have approved an application from a dental practice in Malvern Link, despite opposition from local residents.

The Richmond Dental Practice submitted an application including plans to expand the current premises on Richmond Road by adding a second floor to the existing building. The purpose of the extension is to increase storage and create new facilities for staff members.

The application has been approved by Malvern Hills District Council, despite anger from local residents, who feel that the new extension would not fit with surroundings. There is also concern about congestion around the surgery.

Rodney Hatfield, a resident, explained that the building would dominate the vista and would not be in keeping with the surrounding conservation area; the existing building is modern and unsightly and another floor would make it even more of an eye sore. He also stressed that parking was already an issue on Richmond Road and warned that the situation was likely to get worse in the future.

In response to concerns about parking and traffic, the county council highways department stated that there was a car park within walking distance of the surgery and stressed that the extension would not increase traffic flow to and around the clinic, as the facilities are designed for staff members and administration purposes, rather than expansion of services and increased patient numbers.

Councillors voted 10-7 in favour of the application.

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