Male Smokers Living Alone Are Major Oral Cancer Risk Group

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A new study has determined that the demographic most at risk of developing oral cancer are male single smokers.

Those who live alone, it is thought could be prone to smoking more frequently throughout their day than others.

This demographic is also the most at risk group for the onset of the human papilloma virus. It is thought that this is usually transmitted via sexual contact so lifestyle choices and habits are factors which could influence the likelihood.

Both smoking and HPV are touted as massive determiners for oral cancer development so there are huge campaigns constantly underway to promote the awareness of the links for both of these.

Awareness is said to be a massive problem when it comes to oral cancer. In the eyes of governing bodies, the population simply don’t know enough about the disease to take proper preventative measures.

As a result of this, the cases that are caught are often in advanced stages and therefore do not leave great chances for the survival of the patient.

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