London woman issues dental tourism warning after botched treatment

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A woman from London has issued a warning to others considering going abroad for dental treatment after undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure in Iran.

Aida Azizii, 26, decided to share her story online after botched treatment left her with teeth that looked like ‘piano keys.’ Aida went to a practice in Tehran while visiting family in Iran following recommendations about a dentist there. She thought the treatment, composite bonding, was a bargain at a cost of £550 for 19 teeth. This was cheaper than in the UK and Turkey and she believed Iran had an excellent reputation for cosmetic work.

Aida knew that something wasn’t right shortly after she arrived at the clinic and the procedure began. The dentist she had enlisted to do the work was busy and his assistant started treatment, insisting that Aida had nothing to worry about and that this was a treatment she was used to undertaking. She had specifically asked for a natural white colour, rather than the bright white shades that are popular in Iran. The assistant did four of the bottom teeth and the dentist then took over.

When Aida looked in the mirror at the end of the procedure, she couldn’t believe what she saw. She described her teeth as ‘piano keys’ and said that she looked like a horse. The teeth were too big, they were uneven, they were ultra-white and she couldn’t close her mouth, speak or eat properly.

Aida decided to seek urgent advice from another dentist during her trip to Iran and he carried out corrective work at a cost of £200. He could not believe that the standard of care had been so poor and asked Aida if she was sure that the person she had visited was even a dentist.

Aida wanted to share her experience to highlight the potential dangers of going overseas for dental treatment and urged anyone who is thinking about travelling to make sure that the clinic is legitimate and that the dentists have the relevant training and expertise.

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