Local MP Joins Dental Team At Opening Of New Practice

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Local MP for Stortford, Mark Prisk, joined the team at Hockerill Dentist Practice for the official re-opening of the surgery, following refurbishment.

Mr Prisk attended the official re-opening ceremony in Hockerill and was delighted to learn about the improvements to the town’s dental practice.

Since the practice closed for refurbishment, a number of changes and improvements have been made. A substantial change includes a newly designed waiting room, which is specially decorated to provide a relaxing and calming ambience.

Mr Prisk said that going to the dentist is very important and the new practice provides patients with a comfortable, stylish and calm environment. He also added that he was “impressed” by the investment in the surgery.

The opening ceremony took place just days after a new ruling on tooth whitening was announced, which restricts the use of certain products to trained dental professionals. Principal dentist, Manie Opperman said that tooth whitening is a very popular treatment, but it is important that patients are aware that it is a dental procedure and therefore precautions need to be taken.

Whitening was widely available at shopping centres and beauty salons and so dentists were concerned that patients were at risk. This is because those who were providing the treatment did not have the relevant expertise to cope with potential complications.

There were also concerns that patients were not undergoing checks to ensure that they were suitable candidates for treatment, before having their teeth whitened.

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