Llangunnor School Pupils Celebrating After Winning Dental Award

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Pupils at Llangunnor School in Wales are celebrating after winning an award for taking good care of their teeth.

Youngsters at the school have been participating in the Designed to Smile scheme, a national campaign, which aims to teach children about oral health issues in order to try and improve standards of oral health and reduce rates of decay and gum disease among children in the country.

Designed to Smile has been rolled out across Wales and school children are learning about brushing their teeth, visiting the dentist and eating healthy foods.

Rates of decay are high among children in Wales, especially in deprived areas and the key to better standards of oral health in the future lies in education; if children learn good habits at an early age, they are less likely to lose their milk teeth prematurely and suffer oral health problems during their teenage and adult years.

Pupils at Llangunnor School have enjoyed learning about oral health and oral hygiene and many of them are making a real effort to take good care of their teeth and gums as a result of the Designed to Smile programme.

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