Leicestershire man who is part-way through implant treatment claims he can only eat baby food after dental practice closes without warning

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A man from Leicestershire claims he can only eat baby food after being left in the lurch when the dental practice he visited for dental implant treatment closed without warning. 

The 50-year-old contacted the local press after Finest Dental, a private practice he had paid £12,000 for implants to replace ill-fitting dentures, shut unexpectedly. The patient was part-way through treatment, but had paid the bill already. In February last year, he paid over £10,000 and had teeth extracted and dentures fitted. The plan was to have implants, but the patient, from Sapcote, has been left in pain and out of pocket.

Speaking about the incident, the patient said he had been struggling with dental issues for a while, and he decided to treat himself to a bright, healthy new smile, using his credit card to pay £12,000 after visiting Finest Dental’s Highcross branch for a consultation. Having had some of his teeth extracted, two implants were fitted, which later failed, and temporary dentures were placed. The dentures are uncomfortable and they don’t fit properly, and the patient has been unable to eat properly for the best part of a year. 

The patient in question has now joined forces with other clients who have been let down by the chain, which has 25 clinics across the UK. A large group with over 500 members has formed on social media to try and claim money back and find out exactly what is going on with the firm. As the man was in the middle of treatment, he visited the branch after not hearing anything about upcoming appointments to find a sign on the door saying the practice was closed.

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