Leicester Woman Fined for Offering Illegal Tooth Whitening Treatment at a Beauty Salon

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A woman from Leicester has been fined after being found guilty of unlawfully offering tooth whitening treatment.

In court in Leicester, Mohinder Dhami pleaded guilty to the charges brought by the General Dental Council under the Dentists Act 1984, which states that dental treatment must only be provided by fully trained dental professionals with GDC registration. Dhami offered whitening treatment at the Clinique de Beaute in Leicester last year using a system designed to be “self-administered.”

Tooth whitening provided by untrained professionals was made illegal by the High Court in May 2013 in line with EU legislation and the Dentists Act, which is designed to protect members of the public and ensure that they only see people with the relevant skills and experience.

In court, Dhami was ordered to pay a total fine of £1,000, which included a £100 victim surcharge fee and costs of £874, which will be given to the General Dental Council.

In a statement released by the General Dental Council, the body claimed that it will continue to pursue illegal whitening cases in a bid to protect people who are interested in this service and reduce the risk of injury and negative side-effects suffered by people who visit untrained providers. As tooth whitening is recognised as a dental treatment and not a cosmetic service, it should only be administered by dental professionals who are registered to practise in the UK. Anyone who is providing this service without the relevant registration will be liable for prosecution.

In 2015, the GDC has already successfully prosecuted 17 illegal providers.

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