Leeds Woman Prosecuted by General Dental Council for Illegal Teeth Whitening

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A woman from Leeds has been prosecuted by the General Dental Council for providing illegal teeth whitening treatment. Gail Fielding was found guilty of administering illegal treatment at Room 11 Nails and Beauty.

Ms Fielding was sent two warning letters by the General Dental Council (GDC) last year and the body launched an investigation when they received a third complaint in June. Ms Fielding claimed that she had been trained by the company Beaming White, however her conduct contravenes EU legislation, which states that all dental treatments must be provided solely by trained dentists. Investigations revealed that Ms Fielding had ignored two letters from the GDC warning her that she could face legal action. Subsequent investigations carried out by the GDC last summer resulted in a conviction.

Ms Fielding appeared at Leeds Magistrates Court at the end of March 2016. She was found guilty of offering illegal whitening treatment and was given a 12 month conditional discharge. She was also ordered to pay legal fees of £500 to the GDC.

GDC head of illegal practice, Francesca Keen, said that Ms Fielding’s fate should be a warning to all those people offering dental treatment without the relevant expertise or qualifications. In order to administer dental treatments, including teeth whitening, you must have dental qualifications and be a member of the GDC register. Anyone who suspects that someone is providing illegal treatment is advised to contact the GDC. The advice from the GDC is to check the register before you agree to have dental treatment.

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