Leading UK dentist set to strip in aid of charity

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A leading UK dentist has revealed that he will strip off in aid of a dental charity.

James Goolnik, from Bow Lane Dental Group, will get naked to promote an instrument amnesty in aid of Dentaid. James Goolnik was voted the most influential person in UK dentistry and will deliver an eagerly awaited lecture entitled, ‘Naked Dentistry: Shrug off the white coat of the past and embrace the future’ in October.

The lecture will take place at the BDTA Showcase at the NEC in Birmingham on the 21st October and the renowned dentist is giving few details away about his presentation; he said that the promotional photo shoot was great fun but did not confirm whether or not he would be delivering the lecture in the nude.

James is a strong supporter of Dentaid, a charity which raises awareness of the dental needs of communities abroad; the dental instrument amnesty is designed to encourage people to think about people living in poor countries across the world and make people realise that equipment and instruments are desperately needed in the developing world.

The BDTA has joined forces with Dentaid and dentists will be encouraged to donate their unwanted instruments to help the charity’s cause. There is a sever shortage of trained dentists in the developing world and those who do have the relevant skills and training are under extreme pressure, treating a large number of patients in difficult conditions without the necessary equipment and resources. Dentaid is aiming to help these professionals and encourage and support more people who want to train as dentists.

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