Leading London dentist offers online appointments and oral health advice

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A leading London cosmetic dentist is offering online consultations and oral health advice during the lockdown to help patients take good care of their teeth.

Dr Rhona Eskander is offering telephone appointments and uploading videos via Instagram Live to offer tips and tricks to keep smiles in shape and provide answers to frequently-asked questions. At the moment, practices are closed to stop the spread of Coronavirus, and dentists are making the most of cutting-edge technology to stay in touch with patients and provide guidance and support.

While surgeries are closed, Dr Eskander is encouraging members of the public to look after their teeth by brushing twice-daily using an electric toothbrush for at least 2 minutes each time and flossing daily. Brushing should be thorough, but gentle, as cleaning too aggressively can wear the protective enamel coating down.

As reports suggest that more and more people are attempting DIY dental work in lockdown, Dr Eskander has also advised members of the public to avoid DIY dentistry and to steer clear of home products like whitening treatments that are available online. There is limited evidence to suggest that home-based solutions are effective, and they can actually do more harm than good by stripping the enamel. The best option for those who do want a bright, white smile is to wait until dental practices open again and invest in professional treatment. 

While many patients will be fine while practices are closed, some will experience symptoms that require attention. Dr Eskander encourages those who do suffer from severe symptoms, for example, intense dental pain, bleeding caused by trauma and a broken tooth, to seek urgent advice. Emergency dental centres have been set up across the UK to provide urgent relief for patients.

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