Lancashire MPs call for urgent action to stop the rot as figures confirm alarming standards of oral health among children

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MPs in Lancashire are calling for urgent action to stem the rising tide of childhood decay. Members of parliament for Burnley and Blackburn have spoken out after figures revealed that Blackburn has the highest rates of childhood decay in the country.

Recent statistics revealed a significant gap in the standards of dental health between the North and South, with rates of decay much higher in northern regions. Julie Cooper, shadow health minister and MP for Burnley, described the situation as a “scandal” and her Labour colleague in Blackburn, Kate Hollern, has called for the government to train more NHS dentists and launch a new public health campaign, which encourages and supports parents to care for their children’s teeth.

The most recent figures show that only 43.9 percent of 5-year-olds in Blackburn are free from signs of decay. This figure is significantly lower than the national average of 75.2 percent and the North West average of 66.6 percent.

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