Lancashire dentist urges patients to use mouth guards, as new year fitness regimes get into full swing

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It’s that time of year again when many of us try and stick to resolutions to eat more vegetables and do more exercise. As many head for the gym and vow to become more active, a dentist from Lancashire is encouraging those interested in contact, team and fighting sports to invest in a mouth guard.
Dr Karim Rachidi, from the Synergy Dental group, which has practices across the North West, is urging people who wish to engage in activities that carry a risk of dental and facial injuries to use a mouth guard. Mouth guards are dental appliances, which are designed to protect the teeth and gums. They are made from plastic and they sit on top of the teeth while you play.
Mouth guards are widely available in sports stores, but for the best quality and a superior fit, it’s worth paying for a dentist-made mouth guard. Your dentist can craft a bespoke gum shield in a procedure lasting a matter of minutes, with your new mouth guard ready a couple of weeks later.
Dr Rachidi recommends mouth guards for sports and activities such as rugby union and league, ice hockey, hockey, lacrosse, martial arts, horse racing and riding, boxing, kick-boxing and other fighting sports.



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