Lancashire dentist highlights the risks of having dental treatment abroad

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A dentist from Lancashire has highlighted the risks of having dental treatment overseas.
Dr Karim Rachidi, from Synergy Dental, said that more and more patients are asking about having treatment abroad, as dental tourism soars in popularity. Thousands of Brits are now going overseas for treatments like dental implants in a bid to save money. In countries like Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria and Turkey, prices can be up to 70 percent lower than in the UK.
Dr Rachidi said that it’s understandable for heads to be turned by discounted prices, but urged patients to consider going to other countries for dental and medical treatments very carefully. While many clinics are reputable, regulation isn’t as stringent as it is in the UK, and the risks of complications may subsequently be higher. Dentists in many European countries do have an excellent level of expertise, but there is a greater risk of being treated by a dental professional who may not have the level of experience and the professional qualifications required to provide the same services in the UK.
Dr Rachidi encourages those who are interested in visiting a clinic abroad to undertake extensive research, to look into the qualifications and professional records of dental staff, and to read reviews and client testimonials. It’s also crucial to factor in costs like travel and accommodation, and to make sure you know exactly how much the treatment is going to cost in total before agreeing to go ahead. It’s also worth noting that paying for botched treatment to be corrected back home is likely to cost a lot more than the initial quote provided by a UK dentist.

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