Kylie admits to Botox, but for Stevie Nicks, Botox makes people look like “Satan′s children”

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Popstar and pin-up Kylie Minogue has admitted to having Botox injections to keep up her youthful appearance. 


Speaking to Elle magazine, she said: “I’m definitely not one of those people who says ‘You shouldn’t do this.’ Everyone individually can do what they want. I’m preferring to be a lot more natural these days. I’ve tried Botox. I’ve tried all kinds of things.”


The singer turned 40 earlier this year. 


But for Stevie Nicks, Edge of Seventeen singer, Botox makes everyone looks the same. Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily this month, she said: “Botox is becoming the new face of beauty and it’s unfortunate because it makes everyone look like Satan’s children. Everybody has pointed eyebrows. Everybody looks related. You’d have to tie me down to get me to do it again.


“If you’re an unattractive girl who’s trying to be beautiful with Botox, forget it. If you are a beautiful girl who’s trying to be beautiful with Botox, you will look like you’re angry all the time.”

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