Kind-hearted Texas dentist makes patient’s dreams come true after unprovoked attack

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A dental patient from Texas was left speechless with tears running down her face after a kind-hearted dentist fixed her front tooth for free. Twenty-eight-year-old Kyleigha Scott had visited Dr Kenny Wilstead to have an infected wisdom tooth removed, but the generous dentist decided to fix her broken front tooth at the same time.

Dr Wilstead, from Marshall Family Dental, removed the troublesome wisdom tooth and decided to fix Kyleigha’s front tooth after she told him that she was planning to return for treatment after her tax returns had come in. The tooth was broken in an unprovoked attack when her ex-boyfriend returned home once day and head-butted her in the face, breaking the front tooth and leaving her lacking in confidence.

On hearing her story, Dr Wilstead felt that repairing Kyleigha’s tooth was the right thing to do, and she was absolutely thrilled when she looked in the mirror. The incident had clearly impacted her self-esteem and Dr Wilstead didn’t want her to wait any longer or spend any more money on dental care.

The clip of Kyleigha seeing her smile for the first time has been shared on Facebook and the video of her beaming from ear to ear has now gone viral, with over 150,000 views. Dr Wilstead said that it was incredible the difference just 10 minutes in the dental chair made and admitted that he was overcome with emotion when he saw Kyleigha’s reaction.

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