Kentucky Dentists Host Free Dental Day to Encourage More Regular Appointments

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Dentists in Kentucky hosted a free dental day recently to try and encourage local people to attend dental appointments on a regular basis.

A study conducted by Delta Dental of Kentucky and Kentucky Youth Advocates suggested that dental access is better in Kentucky than other areas, however many people are still not attending dental checks as often as they should. To try and combat this problem, dentists decided to host a free dental day.

Dr Kelvin White and his team hosted a free event as part of the Dentistry from the Heart programme. This was the third time the office had participated in the scheme, which runs across the US. Dr White said that the event is hugely beneficial for patients, but it’s also a day the staff team really looks forward to.

Jenny Walker was one of those who benefited from the free dental day. She said she’s always willing to wait in line for free dental treatment, as she struggles to afford to see a dentist, but recognises the importance of dental care.

In a single day, Dr White and his team of volunteers provided treatment for 94 patients. The event was a great success and Dr White paid tribute to his dedicated group of volunteers, who gave up their Saturday to help people in need of dental treatment.

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