Kent dentist raises concerns over waiting times for patients

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A dentist from Kent has raised concerns over waiting times for patients after lockdown measures are lifted.

Dr Ryan Abbasi, from the Centre for Dentistry, said that patients who are looking to book a routine appointment could be waiting months to see a dentist once practices are allowed to reopen.

Dr Abbasi said that it is unlikely that dentistry as we know it will have resumed by the end of the year, and this means that many patients may end up waiting a long time for a routine check-up or a minor procedure. With practices closed, patients with urgent dental needs can access care at emergency dental centres, but no routine appointments are available. Once the measures are eased, and clinics open again, patients who are in the middle of a course of treatment and those who need urgent attention will be prioritised. 

For the moment, all dentists like Dr Abbasi can do is provide advice and guidance over the phone or the Internet and triage patients who need urgent assistance. The future is uncertain, but dentists are warning patients to be prepared for changes. 

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