Joey Essex Shows Off Dazzling New Smile

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Joey Essex has become the latest start of ITV2 show, The Only Way is Essex, to show off a dazzling new smile, following a visit to a cosmetic dentist.

Pictured earlier this week wearing a personalised onesie, the reality star flashed a radiant new smile, thanks to a set of porcelain veneers he had fitted just before Christmas.

After treatment Joey took to his Twitter page to thank the dental clinic and described his new smile as “reem”, a word that has quickly become part of everyday language following the success of The Only Way is Essex.

Veneers have become incredibly popular, with A-list stars first showcasing the Hollywood smile. Porcelain veneers fit over the natural teeth to create a flawless finish and a perfect smile and can be used to treat chipped and stained teeth.

Like many of the other stars of the show, Joey has opted for ultra-white veneers to make his smile stand out in the crowd. He has split opinion with his fashion choices on the show, sporting tiny athletics shorts, orange Ugg boots and ultra-tight jeans. He has fast become one of the show’s most popular characters and has recently confirmed that he will be returning to the small screen soon. Four members of the cast, including Mark Wright, Kirk Norcross, Maria Fowler and Harry Derbridge will not be returning for the new series, which is due to air at the end of January.


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January 15th, 2012 at 08:47 PM
Mike Says :

What a mess. The poor bugger’s obviously got an IQ below 100 and you think it’s a great idea that some crook took four grand off him for a set of horse teeth. At least that’s blown your cover