Isle of Wight Dental Care Availability in Crisis as Clinic in Cowes Close

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NHS England have promised that more appointments will be available on the Isle of Wight, in the wake of a shortage of places on the island caused by the early ending of the contract of Somerset Partnership to provide NHS dental care and the closure of Cowes Medical Centre scheduled for the end of September.

Patients have been provided to patients advising them to sign up at practices in Newport and Bembridge, however at present it has been reported that two practices in the area cannot take any new NHS patients.

Olivia Falgayrac-Jones, Director of Commissioning for NHS’s England’s local office, reassured people that there will be more access to dental appointments than before, and that 1,800 people so far have been sent the letter.

She also advised that the people contacted first are those most likely to need a routine check-up soon, however that can wait a few months if necessary. She also reiterated that if people need an urgent appointment or were in pain, they can call 111 and will be directed to the nearest dental practice that is available for urgent appointments within two days.

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