Is tooth whitening illegal? Everything you need to know before you have treatment

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We’ve entered a brand New Year, and no doubt you’ve already spotted adverts for all kinds of products and services that promise they can make you look and feel better. One treatment that has become increasingly popular is tooth whitening. If you’ve seen adverts on social media, you may assume that the providers are legitimate, but you may be wrong.

Tooth whitening is a dental treatment, which means that, legally, it can only be provided by trained dental professionals who are registered with the General Dental Council. If you see beauty therapists or individuals advertising treatment at home or in a salon, there’s every chance that they’re breaking the law. Even if they have training provided by companies that make or sell whitening products, they probably don’t have the qualifications and expertise required to offer dental services legally.

If you are considering having whitening treatment, it’s wise to check that the individual or company you choose is approved by the GDC. You can do this by visiting the GDC website. The best thing to do if you want brighter, whiter teeth is to see your dentist. Although whitening is a very safe treatment when provided by a trained dentist, there are risks associated with whitening products falling into the wrong hands. Dentists are trained to ensure that patients are good candidates for treatment and administer treatment safely and effectively.

Patients who have been approached or treated by people who are not registered with the General Dental Council are encouraged to contact the GDC. Anyone who offers whitening treatment without the relevant experience or skills could be liable for prosecution.

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