Is Dental Tourism In Decline?

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The founder of a dental comparison website has claimed that dental tourism has become much less popular among UK citizens, as British dentists offer reduced fees and finance incentives.

Eoin Holohan, the founder of Teethwise, believes that the growth of the dental tourism industry has slowed considerably over the last few years, as UK dentists offer cheaper cosmetic and restorative dental treatment.

In 2005, Hungary hit the jackpot in terms of dental tourism, with thousands of UK patients travelling to the country to take advantage of low dental fees. However, the latest figures show that there has been a decrease of 38 per cent in the number of UK patients travelling to Hungary for treatment and this is a trend reflected across Eastern Europe.

Mr Holohan believes that there are two main contributing factors to the decrease in patient numbers and these include increased competition within the UK and the uncertain economic climate. Prices have dropped at home, as dentists fight to get patients through the door and many clinics also offer incentives, which make treatment more affordable, including dental finance.

The cost of dental implants, one of the most popular treatments for dental tourists, has dropped significantly in the UK and some clinics are offering treatment from less than £1,000. Agnes Tuba, from London Dental Implants, said that competitive pricing means that it is only cost effective to travel abroad for treatment when a patient needs a minimum of four implants and more patients are recognising the benefits of staying in the UK for treatment.

The price of implant treatment has decreased due to competition and lower manufacturing costs. Many clinics are now offering lower price implants, as well as premium brands, which are more expensive.

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July 10th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Phoenix Editor Says :

Low cost dental implants have been available for a long time – usually un-branded units from China, Brazil and elsewhere that only last 6-10 years as long as brand name implants such as Nobel Biocare. Wherever you decide to get your dental implants or cosmetic dentistry, be sure to select a Board Certified Dentist and not a general dentist. In many developing nations, general dentists are permitted to attempt advanced dentistry without proper training and certification. And many will use cut-price implants to gain a marketing edge.