Irish Dental Patients Heading North In Their Droves To Save Money

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Hundreds of Irish dental patients are crossing the border to save money on dental fees. Some dentists practising in Northern Ireland have claimed that up to half of their patients now come from the Republic.

Practices in areas close to the border, including those located in Armagh and Newry, have become particularly popular, with patients from south of the border looking to save money by making the short trip north.

The cost of basic dental work, such as extraction, is similar; however, fees for more complex procedures and cosmetic dentistry are significantly higher in the Republic of Ireland, meaning patients can save hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of Euros by travelling to Northern Ireland.

In a poll conducted by the Belfast Telegraph, regional prices varied significantly, with the cost of root canal treatment starting at around £100 in Cookstown and the same procedure costing between £257 and £657 in Galway. The price of a dental bridge varied from £295 in Armagh to up to £700 in Galway.

The owner of Appletree Dental Care in Newry, Dr Connor McEnhill, said that his private income came from patients from the south predominantly and this was a result of rising costs. Put simply, people can save a significant amount of money by making a journey across the border and around 50 per cent of Dr McEnhill’s patients now come from the Republic.

Dr McEnhill has also moved from the Republic and said that there is absolutely no doubt that it is cheaper to run a dental surgery in Northern Ireland.

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