Investigation launched after students at dental school are given the wrong grades

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An investigation has been launched after students from one of the UK’s prestigious dental schools were given the wrong grades.
Hundreds of postgraduate dentistry students at University College London’s Eastman Institute have been given incorrect information related to their exam results, it has been revealed. Some students have been informed that they passed with distinction, which later turned out not to be the case. Others were told they had passed when they had achieved much higher marks and one student was even notified that they had failed, when they had in fact, passed the module.
It is thought that two students have been given the wrong overall degree classification; however, investigations are ongoing. Annual fees for the four-year courses, which are on offer at the Eastman Institute are up to £23,440.
There are concerns that ongoing issues related to grades have been dealt with slowly and reports indicate that problems were first identified way back in 2013.
A spokesman for UCL stated that the Eastman Institute raised concerns to the registrar immediately, and it was decided that a review should be conducted to see how students were affected and ascertain what went wrong. After an initial review, UCL is now conducting a more rigorous audit.

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