Inspirational Implant Surgeon Tackles 450 Mile Cycle Challenge for Bridge2Aid

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An inspirational implant surgeon, who has overcome severe injuries, has successfully tackled a 450 mile charity bike ride to raise money for Bridge2Aid.

London-based implant surgeon Mark Vardon-Odonkor joined a group of dental professionals for the event, which was run by Straumann.

Mark was hit by a car and sustained significant injuries to his head. He lost consciousness briefly and had lacerations on his face and a subdural heamatoma, which occurs when blood pools between the brain surface and the bone tissue of the skull. This injury was not detected by doctors in the UK and was treated as an emergency when discovered by doctors in Ghana some weeks later.

The team of dental professionals travelled to the north of Spain to take part in the gruelling challenge, which will see them cross the Pyrenees. The route runs from Cap d’Agde to San Sebastian.

Bridge2Aid is a charity that helps to provide dental care and training in Tanzania. Volunteer dentists visit the country and offer training programmes to practitioners out there. Their new skills enable them to treat hundreds of people in remote areas where seeing a dentist is a luxury most people don’t get.

Mark started training in August and was inspired by his own experiences in an African hospital. He is fully aware how far people have to travel for treatment and wants to do his bit to support the amazing work of Bridge2Aid.

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