Ilola the lion cub undergoes dental treatment at Werribee Open Range Zoo

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Dentists in Victoria, Australia had a very special patient recently. A specialist dentist joined keepers at Werribee Open Range Zoo to treat Ilola, a 12-month old lion cub who was suffering from a painful dental infection.

Ilola needed four teeth extracting after it was revealed that she had developed an infection as a result of her primary canine teeth remaining in position for longer than usual. Ilola still had her milk teeth after her siblings had lost their teeth, and vets decided to investigate. To help Ilola, the team treated the infection and removed four teeth while the adorable cub snoozed under sedation.

The veterinary team was on hand to monitor Ilola during the procedure, and they were relieved that everything went well. Ilola is now back with her siblings, and she is recovering well. The energetic cubs have been a huge hit at the zoo since they were born in summer last year.

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