Iceland rolls out free dental care programme for all children over 2

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Ministers in Iceland have confirmed that free dental care will be available to all children over the age of 2.

The new proposals are an extension of an existing scheme, which covered the cost of dental care for the oldest child in every family. Now, families will have access to free treatment for all children aged over 2 years old. Dental care will be available to all, with no restrictions placed on household income.

Directorate of Health dentist Holmfridur Gudmundsdottir, described the news as an “important family rights matter.”

To qualify for access to free dental care, children must be registered with a dentist and a registration fee of 2,500 ISK per year (this equates to approximately £18) is payable. Children are also required to attend routine check-ups twice a year.

Registration for the scheme is available online and queries can be raised via the telephone on 515 0000.

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