Husband and Wife Dental Team Celebrates New Acquisition in Keynsham

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A husband and wife dental team has plenty to smile about after successfully acquiring a dental practice in Keynsham.

Katie and Simon Ernst have become the proud owners of Charlton Road Dental Surgery, which they plan to rename Charlton Road Dental. The duo, who boast more than 20 years of experience, has already set about revamping the practice and work is underway to create a brand new 160 square foot surgery, which will offer stylish treatment rooms and comfortable communal areas.

Simon was keen to seize the opportunity when the practice in Keynsham became available. There has been a great deal of growth in the local area recently, with the development of a new housing estate, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The move was made possible by a loan approved by Lloyds Bank and Simon thanked everyone involved for their advice and support throughout the process. The new practice will offer an array of private dental services, including the latest cosmetic treatments and facial aesthetics. The surgery will also offer NHS treatment and provide services for Denplan patients. Simon and Katie are planning to recruit at least three additional members of staff in the coming weeks.

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