Huge Fall In Dental Waiting Times In South Australia

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There has been a significant fall in waiting times for dental treatment in the Riverland, South Australia.

There has been an average fall of 20 months in waiting times in the area following the introduction of new measures to tackle waiting lists. In December last year, patients were waiting an average of two years for dental treatment, but now, the wait is just five months.

Geoff Franklin, director of the South Australian Dental Service, said that there has been a significant decrease in waiting times since the opening of a mobile dental service in Berri at the end of last year.

Mr Franklin said that waiting times in the area are bearing up well against other parts of the country and major strides have been made to improve access to dental services for local people in the last 12 months.

Franklin added that with the help of Commonwealth funding it has been possible to launch new services and extend existing services, which have had a positive impact on waiting times.

The average wait for treatment in the urban areas is now just 3 months compared to a national average of 14 months.

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