Huddersfield dental practice experiences surge in demand for cosmetic treatment

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A dental practice in Huddersfield has experienced a surge in the demand for cosmetic treatment after lockdown measures eased.

Staff at Fresh Smile Clinic have been inundated with calls and enquiries about cosmetic services, including adult braces, tooth whitening, dental implants and veneers since restrictions lifted and dental surgeries reopened.

Dan Punia, business manager at the clinic, said that there are various factors, which have contributed to a sharp rise in the demand for treatments. One primary motivator is the popularity of video calls and Zoom and Teams meetings during the pandemic.

People have been staring at their faces on screens, and this has caused some to want to take steps to enhance their smiles. Many people who have been working during the pandemic have also been able to save money, enabling them to afford cosmetic dental treatment.

Technological advances and innovations have also made it easier than ever for patients to undergo treatment, Mr Punia added. Digital scanners, which are provided for patients who are looking to start Invisalign treatment, for example, enable individuals to upload scans and teams to monitor treatment progress without the patient having to attend multiple appointments.

Cosmetic dentists across the country have reported a similar trend, with many people deciding to have treatment to enhance their smiles in the wake of the pandemic. Spending more time online and working from home connecting with colleagues and clients via video conferences and virtual meetings has prompted many to become more aware of their appearance and treatment is now more convenient and affordable than ever before.

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